četvrtak, 23. lipnja 2011.

The Worst - Too fast for life (2011)

Australian punk band from Melbourne. Judging by their facebook page and cover artwork (which is great), they equally appreciate Hardcore-Thrash metal and Streetpunk influences what is visible in their music also. Download it!

1. Livin It Up
2. Too Fast For Life
3. Bulletproof
4. Home To Melbourne
5. Neighbourhood Watch
6. Hit Hard
7. Screw The Worst
8. Scumbag Town
9. Dont Need Your Help
10. No Motivation
11. Can You Dig It
12. Move
13. Stoned As A Cunt
14. Most Triumphant


NOi!SE - This is who we are (2011)

Finally, after long search for this band, i've made it. Thanks to Streetpunx7 blog (LINK). Street rock band from Tacoma (Destiny City), Washington, United States. Very melodic and powerful streetpunk music, much like Alternate Action. Maybe there's something in the air, but there are many bands coming from american NW and pacific coast of Canada that I find very good.

1. Living For Today
2. Brothers In Arms
3. Warrior Down
4. Take 'Em All
5. This Is Who We Are
6. On The Outside
7. What Happened To All The Kids?
8. Idle Action (Bonus)
9. Blame (Demo)


subota, 11. lipnja 2011.

Exkrement Beton - Schön, Stur, Arrogant

1. Schreib Doch An
2. Lass Deinen Ärger Raus
3. Have No Money
4. Häuserkampf (Schunkelversion)
5. Schoen, Stur, Arrogant
6. Ficken
7. Unbeliebt
8. Hässliches Kind
9. Alkohol Heilt Alle Wunden
10. Ich Schau In Deine Augen
11. Brandenburg
12. Häuserkampf (Treppenhausversion)
13. Und So Weiter
14. Ein Lauer Sommerabend
15. Die Zeit
16. Waldspaziergang

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