srijeda, 28. travnja 2010.

Frontline Attack - Mindless violence

Streetpunk from Dallas, Texas, USA

1. Dead End Youth
2. Charged For Battle
3. Federal Tyranny
4. Onward to Chaos
5. Boots March On
6. Let's Riot
7. On the Piss
8. Sick Boy Brigade
9. Police Harassment
10. Dead Soldier
11. Mindless Violence
12. Terror Strike
13. Bonus


ponedjeljak, 26. travnja 2010.

The Agrestix - Welcome to hell + On the street

Melodic Streetpunk from Davenport, Iowa, USA

01 Cause or Cash
02 On the Prowl
03 Follow Me to Hell
01 On the Street
02 Boot Boys
03 Psychotic and Insane


srijeda, 14. travnja 2010.

The Bomber - Bomb your nation with rock'n'roll

BOMBER - street punk rock’n’roll from Novi Sad, Serbia

01-Another Wasted Night
02-Be the one
03-Date of my death
04-Hell forever
05-Perfect day
06-Same Story
07-Trying hard trying bad
08-Waiting for Somethong New


utorak, 6. travnja 2010.

Emergency - 1234

Another excellent Oi! band from Vancouver, Canada. Nearly perfect!

01-What You Gonna Do?
02-Won't Tell You Again
03-Idol Generation
04-State Of Emergency
05-Don't Wanna Be Like You
06-Army Life
07-I Ain't Listening
08-Wasted Lives
09-New Town Animal
11-Tennage Fallout
12-Your Society


ponedjeljak, 5. travnja 2010.

GBH - Perfume and piss (2010)

New (2010) album of this living Punk legends from Birmingham, UK

01. Unique
02. Kids Get Down
03. Perfume And Piss
04. Cadillac One
05. San Jose Wind
06. Dead Man Walking
07. Invisible
08. This Is Not The Real World
09. Polytoxic
10. Ballads
11. Power Corrupts
12. Going Sideways
13. Time Flies


Dead Heros - So far, So good... So fucked!

Interesting Streetpunk band from New Jersey, USA with very realistic lyrics

01-I hate this life
02-same old story
03-slave to the 40
05-four years flat(live)
06-two americas
08-marching on
09-neck deep in bullshit
10-summer of 95`


subota, 3. travnja 2010.

Defekt - Sezona na lov

Anarcho/Streetpunk from Skopje, Macedonia

2.Sezona Na Lov
3.Ke Ima Li Idnina?!
7.Posran Sistem
9.Neuspesna Krazba
10.Senilni Pankeri
11.Starata Delegacija
12.Pijan Pesak
13.Borba Za Vlast
14.Zabavata Ne E Gotova


Bombardiers - Souviens-Toi

Another great french Oi! band from Bordeaux

1. A 20 ans
2. Derrière les murs
3. Petite Punk
4. Camarades
5. Fin de semaine
6. Poupée Russe
7. Souviens-toi
8. Sur les Rails
9. Pour une vie
10. Tu sais
11. France-Allemagne 82

+ live in Nancy

12. Unis par le vin
13. Pas de voyous
14. Sans regret
15. Pour la gloire
16. Bordeaux 83

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