ponedjeljak, 25. lipnja 2012.

Rendered Useless - Never Too Old To Die Young (2012)

Another pearl from Portland. This time it's a Punk Rock band with some Folk elements. Recommended.

01. Rose City
02. Bartender
03. No One Knows
04. Take Off
05. Searchin'
06. The Cause
07. Held My Tongue
08. The Sound Released
09. Your Blood Intro
10. Your Blood
11. Fare Thee Well
12. Never Too Old To Die Young


The Foamers - The Foamers (2004)

Most recent release by The Foamers. It is a combination of Streetpunk, Ska punk and Crack Rocksteady music. The band is no more, but it's a shame cause they were great.

01 Airs And Graces
02 An Open Letter
03 Erase All Of The Mistakes You Made
04 The Walking Dead
05 Here's To The Death Of Hard Graft
06 Smiles And Suits
07 Pub No.1
08 Our Way
09 Take It Back
10 Untitled
11 Last Of The True Believers
12 My Tv Sucks
13 Wash Your Hands
14 Bonus

The Foamers - Football EP

This fast Ska Punk Rock band comes from Epsom, Surrey, England. This 2002 EP release contains 3 new songs and 3 live recordings. For the fans of Filaments and Beans this will be jst as good.

01 - Football
02 - Drunks n Punks
03 - Plopstars
04 - Authority (Live)
05 - Six Pints None The Wiser (Live)
06 - Infested (Live)


nedjelja, 24. lipnja 2012.

The Beltones - Cheap Trickets (2001)

This is the Beltones' second album and maybe even more awesome then the first one. It's basically still the same rudimentary streetpunk music, but cleverly layered and accompanied by vocals that sounds like a monologue of a jaded man who smoked too many cigarettes, drank too much and got into a fight. At the first listening, songs might sounds similar but give it a chance, you won't be disappointed.

01. ain’t no life
02. set ‘em up, stevie
03. weak
04. cheap trinkets
05. (juvenile dub) concrete jungle
06. hellfire
07. shitty in pink
08. better than a kick in the head
09. lullabye
10. mix it up
11. mr. wrecking ball
12. thief
13. garbage picker


The Beltones - On Deaf Ears (1999)

The Beltones are (were?) a 3-piece streetpunk band from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and they make some serious shit. Musically close to Stiff Little Fingers and Swingin Utters with a gruff vocal similar to Frankie Stubbs from Leatherface. Add some Oi! to the mix and personal themed lyrics and there you have the Beltones. If you like The Templars or old pre-nazi Skrewdriver The Beltones will also please your auditory system. Here's a review of this album so I wouldn't have to crap anymore. Review

01. My old man
02. Insipid sedentary girl
03. Naming my bullets
04. Fuck you anyway
05. Shoot the shit
06. Juvenile delinquent
07. Lock and load
08. Casualty
09. Suzi is a heartbreaker V.2 (Newtown Neurotics cover)
10. Let the bombs fall


subota, 9. lipnja 2012.

Foreign Legion - Death Valley (2007)

Punk Rock Veterans. Sunset On A Babylon!

01. Lots of Fun
02. Alright
03. Strange Town
04. Rat Race
05. Message from Nowhere
06. Wasted
07. She Loves Me Not
08. Take a Look
09. Party in Prague
10. Where Do We Go
11. Sunset on Babylon
12. Death Valley
13. Lots of Fun (Reprise)


The King Blues - Punk & Poetry (2011)

Newest album. RIP King Blues

1. Last of the dreamers
2. We are fucking angry
3. Set the world on fire
4. Dancehall
5. The futures not what it used to be
6. I want you
7. Five bottles of shampoo
8. Sex education
9. Shooting fascists
10. Headbutt
11. Does anybody care about us
12. Everything happens for a reason

The King Blues - Save The World, Get The Girl (2008)

Tremendous band! You better download it quick, before the internet police remove it!

01. My Boulder
02. I Got Love
03. The Schemers, The Scroungers, And The Rats
04. Underneath This Lamppost Light
05. Save The World, Get The Girl
06. For You My Darling
07. The Streets Are Ours
08. Let's Hang The Landlord (Album Version Dirty)
09. Out Of Luck
10. Hold On Tight
11. What If Punk Never Happened

utorak, 5. lipnja 2012.

South City Locos - Punkrock's Dead (2011)

South City is Malmö, Sweden and "Locos" are a fire-bursting Street punk crew that will make you mosh in your own room if necessary. When I first heard them, I thoght they are from California or US Southwest, because of the name, well-pronounced English and sudden appereance of Mexican Mariachis at the end of the title song. Some great lyrics that song has. White Feathers, Good Times and Punkrock's Dead are, in my opinion, maybe the best songs on this album, but others are not far away. So listen them and remember - Punkrock's dead... we killed it again.

01. Front Towards Enemy
02. Cool Smooth Latino Dude
03. Guilty Party
04. Let The Havoc Shine
05. Bully Beatdown
06. White Feathers
07. Good Times
08. Outlaw For Life
09. Hörnsten
10. Beneath The Underground
11. Punkrock's Dead
12. Sooth The Pain (Bonus)


Wasted - Outsider By Choice (2011)

The newest work from these Tampere/Helsinki based Finnish Punk-rockers, delivering some older songs as the new ones. Their sound can be described as old-school Punk rock with melancholic feel and quite original and aware lyrics.
01 - Reason To Believe
02 - Human Landmine
03 - From The Gutter To The Grave
04 - Career Suicide
05 - Water On The Flame
06 - The Nightmares Of 1984
07 - Hunter Gatherer
08 - Rat Traps
09 - This Country's Going To Hell
10 - Outsider By Choice
11 - Burn It Down (Reclaim The Crown)
12 - Information Overload
13 - Doom Train
14 - Modern World Is Dead
15 - Where Criminals Walk Free
16 - Family Life
17 - Fear Is The Enemy

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