srijeda, 27. travnja 2011.

Pubblico Oltraggio/Mess Mess Mess - Split CD (2008)

Here's the split cd of 2 italian streetpunk/HC bands, from Monza/Milano

3:dawn of the new hate
4:tin soldiers
5:harassing us
6:war in a babylon
7:thinkin' good
8:another round
9:man at work
10:domani è troppr tardi (riot now)
11:rotten generation
13:confino esiste
15:my shit stinks better
16:government policy
18:clockwork punk
19:fuckin' real life
20:murder maniac
21:asshole force
22:on the riverside


ponedjeljak, 25. travnja 2011.

The Accidents

The Accidents are a street punkabilly rock'n'roll band from Örebro, Sweden. The guys were playing in a streetpunk band Voice of a generation. Their sound can be described as combination of fast melodic streetpunk and 50's r'n'r. I would call it Social D on steroids. Enjoy!

The Accidents - All time high (2004)

01. Her Last Dance
02. All Time High
03. Baby Come Home
04. Mean Mean Woman
05. Every Beat of My Heart
06. Kings of the Night
07. Too Much to Drink
08. Dancing to the Beat
09. Last Sigh of Summer
10. Bad Money
11. (I'm Never Coming) Back to You
12. Pan-America

The Accidents - Poison Chalice (2005)

01. 4 Days Till Payday
02. Angel Of Death
03. Louise
04. Poison Chalice
05. Good Girl
06. She Walks The Line
07. I'm On A Roll
08. Ain't No Chance (I'm Working On A Day Like This)
09. Speedking Crown
10. Afterburner
11. Wooooly You?
12. It's Gonna Be Alright


The Accidents - Summer dreams (2007)

01. 20.000 Drinks Ago
02. City Saint
03. Wrapped In Linnen
04. Runaway (With Me)
05. I've Got The Money (Do You Got The Time)
06. Wired
07. I Just Want To Take You Home
08. Weight Of The World
09. Hard Life
10. Summer Of Dreams
11. Rocha-Gil-ly rebel
12. Amanda


nedjelja, 24. travnja 2011.

The Burial

I'm sharing you these two albums from legendary Yorkshire working-class band The Burial. Thanks to blog

A day in the town (1988) - DOWNLOAD

Other recordings - DOWNLOAD

srijeda, 20. travnja 2011.

Faber pugna - Amor y odio (2007)

Faber Pugna is an Oi/Hardcore Punk band from Madrid. This album contains 12 numbers filled with anti-authoritarian rage and criticism of capitalist society. And it kicks ass. What else to except from the band coming from Spanish scene?

01 - Antiautoritarios
02 - Una Tumba Sin Nombre
03 - Todo Es Real
04 - Si Te Niegan El Futuro
05 - La Cumbre
06 - Perros Sin Amo
07 - Amor Y Odio
08 - Corazon De Piedra
09 - Sindrome De Estokolmo
10 - El Niño
11 - Bajo Las Ruinas
12 - La Seguridad Del Preso


Ghostbastardz - Philosophen dieser Tage (2010)

Second album coming from Ghostbastardz's workshop, quite different from the first, more melodic but as good as first. It seems to me that they have expand their theme focus, judging by the song titles, but don't take me serious, my german is not that good. Cover artwork is excellent!

1. Im Schatten der Wahrheit
2. Philosophen dieser Tage
3. Vermächtnis
4. Ikone
5. Wetzlar hier Wetzlar
6. Verbrannte Herzen
7. Der letzte Tanz
8. Die Wahrheit liegt im Wein
9. Jeder Tag ein Ende
10. Kopf oder Zahl
11. Die letzte Runde
12. Leben 2010


Ghostbastardz - Wir sind wieder da (2007)

First album by Ghostbastardz, german Oi band from Wetzlar, Hessen. After hearing first song, Virus, which is, in my opinion, best song on album, and then other songs my enthusiasm have fallen little bit, but, all in all, solid soundtrack for weeks and weekends.

01 Virus
02 Wir sind wieder da
03 Diese Nächte
04 Was wirklich zählt
05 Neue Welt
06 Kleines Punk@
07 Skinz and Punx
08 Reise zum Wahnsinn
09 Samstag Nacht
10 Gute alte Zeit
11 BärenbrOi


Mister X - Anti... (2011)

A streetpunk band from Grodno, Belarus, finally recorded their first full-album, after originally named "Punx and Skins Unite and Win" demo from 2005. It's a work of full-blooded Oi!, classic themes such as working, weekend and rebellion. There's a cover of Zaebala jera tehno from Analogs. Only complaint I have is that they've used clip from Guiness Boys song again. But VyhodnOi is a song that pretty much kicks serious shit.

1. Anti
2. U nas vse vperedi
3. Kazhdyi vecher
4. Ulichnaja molodezh'
5. Vyskochki
6. VyhodnOi!
7. Jeto ne moi pank-rok
8. Znaite nashi kulaki
9. Rabotai! Rabotai!
10. Zaebala jera tehno (Analogs)
11. Igra ne po pravilam
12. Skinhead rock-n-roll
13. Oi! Weekend


Oldfashioned Ideas - We're in this shit together (2010)

After long interval of passivity, due to inadequate Internet connection, I present you this classic Oi! record from Oldfashioned Ideas, band from southern Sweden. Their sound can be described as classic Streetpunk with rough vocals and furious riffs, and, of course, anthemic chourses. Quite similar to Radio 69, another swedish deliquatese. I'm sure it's worth checking them out.

1. Oldfashioned Ideas
2. Hate Patrol
3. Disturbing Presence
4. Forever And Ever
5. Spirit Of ’95
6. Same Old Story
7. V.I.P.
8. Young And Foolish)
9. Day After Day
10. Hey Jenny
11. Warriors
12. The Anthem
13. Twenty Years
14. Walking Away

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