nedjelja, 26. veljače 2012.

Beans - Sundown (2006)

A punk rock deliquatese. Beans are a dutch streetpunk band, but their music reflects likes of such punk legends as The Clash, Bad Religion and Rancid, with unique ska punk and even dub spice brought to mix. Social commentary in lyrics is strong and it blends great with anthemic chourses, awesome music and apocalyptical artwork design. They aren't ashamed to use wide vocabulary and musical abilities, with no loss in roughness. On some of the songs, there is an organ present, ska style. If you find bands like The Filaments, Antidote, Operation Ivy and Bad Religion great, you'll love this band, because it sounds like a bastard child of the aforementioned bands. One of the best records I've heard in a long time - strongly recommended!

1. Radio Silence
2. Tomorrow
3. Halos
4. Circular Reasoning
5. Hey Now, What Now
6. When Governments Clash
7. Answers
8. My Reaction
9. Bad Plan
10. Only Natural
11. Set Sail
12. Down The Line
13. Sundown

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