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Blackmarket Syndicate - And the Peasants Rejoiced (2012)

Blackmarket Syndicate comes from Houston, Texas. Grown from the legacy of Rancid and Social Distortion and early Dropkick Murphys, their music is a furious street-level Punk Rock that spits in the eyes of bosses, politicians and other creatures from hell. Songs like Plead The 5th, Greed And Hate, Victorious, Household Name or Disenfranchised Rebellions really use their potential. Fully recommended!

01 - Plead The 5th
02 - Great Leap Forward
03 - Greed And Hate
04 - Burn It All Down
05 - Working For Someone
06 - Victorious
07 - Household Name
08 - Unknown Fate
09 - Avalanche
10 - Here's To You
11 - Disenfranchised Rebellions


The Lillingtons - Death By Television (1999)

The Lillingtons were a Punk Rock band from Newcastle, Wyoming. Considered a pop punk act by contemporaries, their sound often draws comparisons from punk pioneers the Ramones. It's obvious taht they draw influence from Bad Religion, as well. This album presents 14 melodic journeys at the B-side of the universe: science fiction themes and motifs wrapped in a melodic Punk Rock packing that can easilly be enjoyable during this hot summer.

01 War Of The Worlds
02 Don't Trust The Humanoids
03 Black Hole In My Mind
04 I Saw The Apeman (On The Moon)
05 X-Ray Specs
06 Invasion Of The Saucermen
07 You're The Only One
08 I Need Some Brain Damage
09 Codename Peabrain
10 Phantom Maggot
11 Robots In My Dreams
12 Murder On My Mind
13 Caveman
14 I Came From The Future


ponedjeljak, 16. srpnja 2012.

Booze & Glory - Trouble free (2011)

Their second album and even better one. All the kickassing elements of Oi! are here stretched to the maximum. Tracks like Never Return, Always Left Behind and Never Returned are eruptions of working class resentment packed in aggressive yet melodic Punk Rock with frequent uplifting singalongs and simple guitar solos. Common Oi! themes as taking pride in yourself, hard working class life, drinking booze and hating poseurs are accompinied by the critique of online generation. Get some beer to drink with this album and enjoy!

1. Our Passion
2. Always Left Behind
3. Trouble Free
4. Cyber Warrior
5. Never Returned
6. Come You Irons!
7. Payday
8. Until The End
9. Hooligan
10. Weekend In Karlskrona
11. Plastic Skinheads
12. My Girl
13. We’re The Boys
14. Swingin Fuckin' Hammers
15. Alex Go!
16. Online Generation


Booze & Glory - Always on the wrong side (2010)

Booze & Glory are an Oi! Punk band coming from South East London, the very birthplace of this genre. They are faithfull in following the footsteps of all the classics of a genre, but they do it more than all right. This is their first full-length album and it contains angry Oi! music with all the common tropes but the display of current social climate in the UK, as well.

1. We Don't Wanna Change the World
2. Working Class Hero
3. 'Cause We're Skinheads
4. Antisong
5. Ugly Faces
6. Always On the Wrong Side
7. London
8. We Don't Fight
9. Joe Hawkins

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