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Booze & Glory - Trouble free (2011)

Their second album and even better one. All the kickassing elements of Oi! are here stretched to the maximum. Tracks like Never Return, Always Left Behind and Never Returned are eruptions of working class resentment packed in aggressive yet melodic Punk Rock with frequent uplifting singalongs and simple guitar solos. Common Oi! themes as taking pride in yourself, hard working class life, drinking booze and hating poseurs are accompinied by the critique of online generation. Get some beer to drink with this album and enjoy!

1. Our Passion
2. Always Left Behind
3. Trouble Free
4. Cyber Warrior
5. Never Returned
6. Come You Irons!
7. Payday
8. Until The End
9. Hooligan
10. Weekend In Karlskrona
11. Plastic Skinheads
12. My Girl
13. We’re The Boys
14. Swingin Fuckin' Hammers
15. Alex Go!
16. Online Generation


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