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The Newtown Grunts - Day Of The Jakey (1997)

One of Scottish finest bands of all time. The Newtown Grunts, from Glenrothes, started in 1991 as Kicked Pus, playing Ska Punk. This album contains awesome numbers, a mixture of almost all kinds of Punk, sang by male and female vocalist, which, in this case, sounds really great. It concludes with "They Shall Not Pass", an hommage to 1936 Cable Street protests against Oswald Mosley's fascist blackshirts and a cover of Abba song, Super Trooper.

01 - Two Pints Of Lager And A Smack Aff The Pus, Please
02 - Day Of The Jakey
03 - It Could Be You
04 - Mother, Slave And Wife
05 - Dead And Gone
06 - The Best Job In Town
07 - Bleary Eyed At Victoria
08 - Adios Amigo
09 - Buckfast
10 - In Reply
11 - They Shall Not Pass
12 - Super Trooper


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