utorak, 13. studenoga 2012.

Loudmouth - Loudmouth (2009)

Loudmouth are a four piece punk rock band formed in Sunderland Tyne & Wear in the United Kingdom.

1             Fat Cats
2             10%
3             Perfection
4             Rock Bottom
5             What Can I Say?
6             Plod On
7             Friends Like You
8             So Self Centred               
9             Braindead Society
10           Useless Generation
11           Bludgeoned With Reality
12           One Wasted Year
13           Down And Out


nedjelja, 4. studenoga 2012.


It seems that my MF account has been suspended. I would lie if I were act surprised, but it's a real shame... Now almost all download links here are worthless and I have to start uploading shit on Zippyshare. Despite all this, BBAF is here to stay...
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