četvrtak, 31. svibnja 2012.

Stumbling Pins - Aged Colours And Behaviours (2012)

Young Punx from Kiel, Germany, released their first album in 2012 Aged Colours And Behaviours that features 9 songs. It's basically Street Punk with very melodic singing (one would call it Pop-Punk but whatever) and highly socially engaged lyrics. All songs are swell, but the chorus on Aged Colours And Behaviours with amazing sing-a-long (A.C.A.B.!) is definatelly the top-moment of this album. These boys are really worth checking out and supporting them.

01 - On The Roads To Nowhere
02 - The Money
03 - Generation Fear
04 - Kill Me If You Can
05 - Follow The Lie
06 - Aged Colours And Behaviours
07 - Paradise Breakdown
08 - Forgotten Souls
09 - Abused Bodies


Beans - So It Goes (2002)

 This album, with a Vonnegutian title, is the second one by the hands of Beans. Unlike Sundown, from 2006, which I already posted, this album is a bit more hardcore, faster and angrier. But, by no means any worse. It's hard to highlight any songs, but Cold Hearted and Hating Men are extremely uplifting and ass-kicking.

1. Machine
2. No Destination
3. Don't Judge Me
4. Cold Hearted
5. My Generation
6. Carry On
7. Drop Dead
8. Can't Tell You
9. This Town
10. Hating Men
11. Fuck Off
12. Responsibility
13. Falling Back
14. Destructive
15. Can't Trust 'em
16. The Way To Go


Standard Union - Demo (2010)

Standard union are from Adelaide, Australia and these guys play rudimentary Street Punk-rock with some Folk touch, similar to Swingin Utters. This is the demo release from 2010, although they play since 2002 so you should keep eye on them and their work in the future. For me, an ultimate hit from this demo is a song "As The Bottle Empties". You can hear some of the songs here.

01 - A Worker's Prayer
02 - Born For Hanging
03 - Such Is Life
04 - As The Bottle Empties
05 - The Slide
06 - Les Darcy
07 - Old Boys
08 - The Lonely Victories
09 - Treading On Family Ground
10 - Botany Bay
11 - One Way Fair
12 - Fading White Lines
13 - Tall Poppies


četvrtak, 24. svibnja 2012.

VA - Sofia Streets: 3 way split

This 3 way split from the streets of Sofia is delivering 3 different styles of Hardcore music: C4 plays Hardcore music in the vein of NYHC bands, TVU is more like a Hardcore Oi band and Switchstance offers Skacore sound with trombones. It's really worth checking this one out.

01-C4-Nikoi ne moje da ni spre
02-C4-Nie pak sme tuk
03-C4-Bring me back
04-C4-Priberi se
05-C4-Wake up
06-T.V.U.-Izgubih control
07-T.V.U.-Priako vkliuchvane
08-T.V.U.-Izbori, momentat nastapi!
09-T.V.U.-Ne stavai rob
10-T.V.U.-Borbata produljava
11-Switchstance-Who are you to decide
14-Switchstance-The crowd (Operation Ivy cover)


srijeda, 16. svibnja 2012.

Whiskey Rebels - These Inside Jokes Are Killing Me (2012)

Whiskey Rebels is a streetpunk band from Sacramento and this is their newest release with rare and unreleased material, including 4 tracks from their '99 demo. Streets gave you to me, Yolo bus blues and Final call are really worth to download it.

01 - Live And Die For Those Who Love
02 - America
03 - Sacto United ('99 Demo)
04 - Six Gun Sally
05 - Ward Of The State
06 - Element Of Surprise
07 - Ready To Die
08 - Yolo Bus Blues
09 - Get Lose
10 - Streets Gave You To Me ('99 Demo)
11 - Final Call ('99 Demo)
12 - County Time
13 - Roll The Dice ('99 Demo)
14 - Holiday Master Plan

petak, 11. svibnja 2012.

King Cannons - King Cannons (2011)

For all fans of good music: punks, rockabillys, reggae and ska-loving skinheads and regular rock'n'roll fans this is a must-have. King Cannons from Melbourne, Australia deliver to you awesome combination of punk rock, rockabilly and reggae. The Clash has risen from dead and they left their unresting need for experiment and funky-pop elements in the grave. Their name is now King Cannons!

01 - Take Me Away
02 - Gasoline
03 - This Night
04 - Teenage Dreams
05 - Life Of Convenience
06 - Maybellene
07 - Take The Rock
08 - Teenage Dreams
09 - Smoked Out City
10 - Time To Yourself
11 - Stand Right Up
12 - Shot To Kill
13 - Too Young (Bonus Single)

četvrtak, 10. svibnja 2012.

Secret Army - Crush the remains (2012)

A new album by the hands and throats of these 3 fellas from Barcelona. Much like their previous releases, this one is a powerful collection of angry, yet melodic songs. Tearing guitar riffs and middle-fast tempo with very catchy and melodic singalong chourses in the vein of Rancid and Cock Sparrer. However, their musical evolution is noticeable and despite listening to a plenty of other similar bands, I feel that Secret Army has something special. This album is released in just perfect time for being a soundtrack of this spring.

01 - Combat Ready
02 - Guns At The Door
03 - Another Way
04 - Sleepless In Stockholm
05 - Uprising
06 - War Economy
07 - New Direction
08 - Bitterboy's Ballad
09 - Days Gone By On The Ropes
10 - Fighting Man
11 - Said And Done
12 - Face Our Fear
13 - Where We Come From

Inner Terrestrials - IT (1997)

Inner Terrestrials are a London-based Anarcho Punk band with frequent Ska, Dub and Folk elements in their music. This is, in my opinion their best release and it represents IT's music very well.

01 Squatters Rights
02 Outside
03 Earth Must
04 Criminals
05 Free The Land
06 Burning Bridges
07 White Nightmare
08 KTB


Cranked Up - This Is A Weapon (2005)

This is a second full-length edition by Cranked Up!with some songs from their previous album. The band continues to play awesome punk-rock and to write lyrics against US foreign and domestic politics and corporate exploitation.

01 - Get Out
02 - Deal With It
03 - Swindled
04 - You Are The Fool
05 - Make Me Sick
06 - Another Vietnam
07 - Shoutdown
08 - It's Not Right
09 - Change In You
10 - Exploitation
11 - New Regime
12 - On The Attack


Cranked Up - A Call For Solidarity (2003)

I'm back again with this master-piece. Cranked Up is a streetpunk band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US and consists of ex-members of bands like Violent Society, 2.5 Children, Bomb Squadron and Dead Empty. Their music is pure "in your face" street level punk-rock with anti-fascist attitude (which is obvious judging by the album covers). They call themselves "left wing scum" :D Every song is fucking brilliant, but I would highlight songs like Emo-tionally challenged, Guilty Conscience, Left Wing Scum, Jaded, Don't Need Your Culture and an excellent cover of mod punk band The Cigarettes They're Back Again. Their sound can be described as a mix of Pressure Point and Lower Class Brats so you better download it before mediafire deletes this link!

01 - All Fucked Up 
02 - Emo Tionally Challenged 
03 - Guilty Conscience 
04 - Left Wing Scum 
05 - Jaded 
06 - Follow The Trail 
07 - Under Their Control 
08 - Don't Need Your Culture 
09 - Swindled 
10 - New Regime 
11 - Where You Stand 
12 - Make Me Sick 
13 - On The Attack 
14 - They're Back Again (The Cigarettes Cover)

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