nedjelja, 28. listopada 2012.

Lazy Bastards - Hard Lines and Sweet Sounds (2012)

Lazy Bastards are a 5 piece streetpunk band from Mitterskirchen/Pfarrkirchen, Germany. This record provides mighty sound with lots of singalongs and rock'n'roll guitar riffs. The beginning of Anti Hero is a hit in the gut, with that blues touch on the guitar. Overall, this whole album offers wide range of punk rock songs: some are aggressive, some are melancholic but all awesome.

1 Intro
2 The Boys
3 Anti Hero
4 For U.S
5 Kick Them Out
6 Bastards Crew
7 Get Back
8 His Ruin
9 Soundtrack Of My Life
10 As Long As We Are Still Young
11 Between Love And Hate
12 Woke Up

ponedjeljak, 8. listopada 2012.

Opposition Rising - Aftermathematics (2011)

Here's the first LP by Opposition Rising, new Boston City Hardcore Punk act featuring members from Mouth Sewn Shut and Toxic Nartotic. Opening of this album with the hard hitting track Rising will make shivers come down your spine and that notion will continue throughout the second track, The Rich Are Killing The Poor. By the end of this LP there will be unusual appearance of Reggae elements, which I personally find amusing but also ass-kicking.

01 Rising
02 The Rich Are Killing The Poor
03 F.T.W.
04 Pink-slip Murder Suicide
05 Total Annihilation
06 Tell'em Nothing
07 Brick By Brick
08 Debt Sentence
09 Everybody's Lying To You All The Time
10 Destination Apocalypse

Opposition Rising bandcamp page
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