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Lazy Bastards - Hard Lines and Sweet Sounds (2012)

Lazy Bastards are a 5 piece streetpunk band from Mitterskirchen/Pfarrkirchen, Germany. This record provides mighty sound with lots of singalongs and rock'n'roll guitar riffs. The beginning of Anti Hero is a hit in the gut, with that blues touch on the guitar. Overall, this whole album offers wide range of punk rock songs: some are aggressive, some are melancholic but all awesome.

1 Intro
2 The Boys
3 Anti Hero
4 For U.S
5 Kick Them Out
6 Bastards Crew
7 Get Back
8 His Ruin
9 Soundtrack Of My Life
10 As Long As We Are Still Young
11 Between Love And Hate
12 Woke Up

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