utorak, 13. ožujka 2012.

Malignus Youth - Vinyl CD (1999)

While I listen mostly Streetpunk and Hardcore music, I like to take pauses from "classic" punk riffs and shouting every now and then. So this band was an important revelation for me. Everything about this band is interesting, starting from their background: they come from Sierra Vista, Cochise County, Arizona, the middle of nowhere were Apaches used to roam. Their basic musical layer is fast hardcore punk, but vocals build complex harmonic structure similar to medieval religious choruses and classical music. If anything, one should check this band, because of its extraordinary originallity and boundary breaking, not to mention great music.

1. Malignus Youth
2. I Think I Know
3. Go Ahead
4. Again
5. So This Is Life
6. In These Thoughts
7. Power Trip
8. The Only Unknown
9. Charlie
10. Who Could Say
11. When I Grow Up
12. Childhood Dreams
13. Push-pull
14. No Escape
15. Youth In Asia
16. Sue
17. Life, Lies, Truth
18. Hopelessly Insane
19. Carousel
20. The Riff
21. Middle Eastern Tune
22. Family
23. Crazy
24. Stains
25. Worlds
26. Of The World
27. States
28. Tension
29. Weak Air
30. From Dust To Dust
31. Why Is War?
32. Dancing Through The Fleshhold
33. More To It


četvrtak, 8. ožujka 2012.

Holy Racket - Subliminal Chaos EP (2003)

This band is unfortunatelly no more, they are from Sunderland, UK and play classic street punk rock with a melodic touch, similar to Rancid and other american bands.

01 - Total Attack
02 - Rat In The Pack
03 - UK Hate
04 - Escapology
05 - Wrong ID
06 - Joey Still Ain't Seen It
07 - Stay Down

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