srijeda, 28. rujna 2011.

Kontejner A.D. - Demo

This is a band from Belgrade, Serbia, taht has been active in the late 80s and early 90s. I recommend documentary "Fanzines from Mars" about underground fanzine and punk scene in Serbia.Fanzines from Mars

2.Neki Deo
4.Snazno I Moderno
5.Silovani, Iskasapljeni, Mrtvi
6.Gore Na Senjaku
7.Gledajuci Nebo


ponedjeljak, 5. rujna 2011.

Swingin Utters - Five Lessons Learned (1998)

And here's Five Lessons Learned

1. Five Lessons Learned
2. Tell Me Lies
3. A Promise To Distinction
4. The Stooge
5. Picture's Perfect
6. This Bastard's Life
7. As You Start Leaving
8. I Need Feedback
9. Good People
10. As Sure As I'm Down
11. Untitled 21
12. Unpopular Again
13. New Day Rising
14. Two Jacks Shitty
15. Fruitless Fortunes


subota, 3. rujna 2011.

Swingin Utters - A Juvenile Product Of The Working Class (1996)

Swingin Utters is a Punk Rock band from San Francisco, California, Usa. Mixing basic street level punk rock (influenced by The Clash, Stiff Little Fingers or Sham 69) with american and irish folk tunes, they rock since late 80s. On September 21 they will play in Zagreb at AKC Attack so I'm putting smashing first two LPs so you can enjoy them too.

1: Windspitting Punk
2: No Time To Play
3: Nowhere Fast
4: Keep Running
5: Sustain
6: One In All
7: Derailer
8: The Next In Line
9: Sign It Away
10: Time Tells Time
11: Almost Brave
12: Fifteenth And T
13: London Drunk
14: The Black Pint
15: Bigot’s Barrel
16: A Step To Go

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