četvrtak, 30. prosinca 2010.


Great band from Portland, Oregon, US playing streetpunk in the best manner of old Blitz. Somehow I succeed to avoid them all these years. Shame on me. Guy from Tragedy is a guitarist in this band.

Criminal Damage - No Solution (2007)

01. My Escape
02. Mudslinger
03. The Choice Is Clear
04. Everything That Bleeds
05. Empty Eyes
06. The Heat
07. Media Casualties
09. No Solution
10. Victory


Criminal Damage - Criminal Damage (2006)

01. The Power Of Fools
02. No Turning Back
03. Last Chance
04. World Is Not Enough
05. On Goes The Fight
06. What Are We Gonna Be
07. Tomorrow
08. Anesthesia


utorak, 28. prosinca 2010.


Here's two No Man's Land's albums. Oi band from Malang, Indonesia.

Grow Away From Society (1998)


All Together Now (1999)


petak, 10. prosinca 2010.

Tower Blocks - Berlin Habits (2010)

New Towerblocks album

01-Let's Start A War
02-Army Of One
03-The Spirit Of Now
04-Berlin Bombshells
05-The Fine Line
06-For The Sake Of Revenge
07-To Be Honest
08-Last Punkrock Skandal
09-No! This Time Was Not
10-Kill Baby Kill Yourself
11-Ballad To A Fairy
12-Warm Beer Cold Hearts
13-One Step Beyond The Abyss
14-Dead End


nedjelja, 5. prosinca 2010.

petak, 3. prosinca 2010.

Rasta Knast - Tertius Decimus (2010)

This is new 13th aniversary album from german Rasta Knast. It includes hits and few covers of brazilian bands like Cólera (Dia e Noite) and Ratos de Porão (Crucificados Pelo Sistema)

01 Alles Läuft Nach Plan
02 39 Grad
03 Trümmer
04 Wohlstandsland
05 Quando Yo Reviente
06 Feuertaufe
07 Nicht Ist Für Die Ewigkeit
08 Vingar
09 Räuberstaat
10 Die Katze Beißt In Draht
11 Graue Tage
12 TV (Die Sage Vom Fernsehkranken Hans Herrmann)
13 Dia E Noite, Noite E Dia
14 Wir Leben Noch
15 Einer Mehr Oder Weniger
16 Das Ende Der Welt II
17 Will Haben
18 Escombros
19 Solider Untertan
20 Blut, Tod & Tränen
21 Ost Berlin (Live)
22 Eine Revolution Gegen Das Volk (Live)
23 Crucificados Pelo Sistema


Knucklehead - Hearts on fire (2010)

New album from these Canadian punk rockers

1. End In Sight
2. First Kick
3. Cut To Pieces
4. Restless Heart
5. Atlanta
6. Bigger Bombs For a Better Tomorrow
7. Perfect Vision
8. Boomtown
9. Please Louise
10. Sense In Politics
11. Rock Rhythm and Boots
12. North of the 54
13. Hearts On Fire

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