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Argy Bargy - Hopes, Dreams, Lies & Schemes (2012)

New album by these Oi Punk heroes from Watford, England. Argy Bargy is making furious comeback since their last album "The Likes of Us" from 2009. With the cover artwork that looks like it was made by Banksy, this album doesn't lack actual social commentary as well as classic Oi themes such as localpatriotism or some personal themes. Tracks number 14 and 17 deliver music that's a little bit different than the rest of the album, first being pub rock anthem featuring Frankie Flame (at least I think so) and second being their excursion into Dub waters. A release worth downloading (and buying also).

1) Out with the Old
2) Burning Skies
3) Looking for Glory
4) No Fun at All
5) Homeward Bound
6) Get away
7) These Streets
8) This Is Me
9) I'm Not down
10) We won't back Down
11) People in Power
12) Play to win
13) Don't Stop Believing
14) The Ballad of the Backstreet Hero
15) Be Somebody
16) 30 Years
17) Homeward Bound (Dub Version)


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