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Balthasar Gerhards Kommando - a dutch feast... the complete works of balthasar gerards kommando (1999)

B.G.K. were a Dutch hardcore punk band from the 80s. The band were named after a Dutch historical figure named Balthasar Gerards, who assassinated the king of the Netherlands in 1584. Balthasar Gerards Kommando were formed in the early 1980s by members of Amsterdam punk band The Nitwitz. Rejecting the then-popular trend to emulate British Oi bands, BGK took their musical cues from American hardcore bands such as MDC, and soon developed an ultrafast style of their own. The band was also committed to following through with its leftist political stance, both in terms of the punk scene (the band set up DIY shows with low door prices, and put out affordable records on their own label) and in a wider political spectrum (they often played benefits for various causes, and helped run the Emma squat in Holland). A Dutch Feast...The Complete Recorded Works of Balthasar Gerards Kommando collects everything the Amsterdam hardcore band B.G.K. recorded, including the LPs Jonestown Aloha (1983) and Nothing Can Go Wrong (1986), the contents of the 7" single "White Male Dumbinance," a previously unreleased alternate version of "Arms Race," and a few songs the band contributed to compilations.

1 Pray For Peace And Kill For Christ
2 Holiday In Lebanon
3 Isolatiefolter
4 Honor & Justice
5 Race Riot
6 Buy Or Die
7 Arms Race
8 Electroshock
9 Allegiance To No-One
10 Freeze Me
11 Police Crimes
12 Spray Paint
13 Vivisection
14 Membership
15 Up To You
16 Regering (Krijg De Tering)
17 Soylent Green
18 Tout Les Flics
19 Get Killed
20 Pill-Party
21 Video-Voodoo
22 Cross Criminals
23 Arms Race (Unreleased Version)
24 Gone Mad
25 Action Man
26 Kids For Ca$h
27 Crime Pays
28 Rules
29 White Male Dumbinance
30 Bite The Hand That Feeds (SHIT)
31 Follow The Trend
32 Pencil Pusher
33 Blank Stare - Sharp Shot
34 Civil Terror
35 Bloodsuckers
36 Jonestown Aloha!
37 Have A Coke (And No Trial)
38 Pay To Die
39 Computer Control
40 Safety Last
41 TV News Distorted Views
42 Institutional Mentality
43 Injected Insanity
44 No Limbs
45 The Greatest American Hero
46 Youth For Crime

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  2. I love their music! And to think that they would have kids braces in Edmonton. It makes all the difference.

  3. one of my favorite hardcore bands PERIOD. Their first record Jonestown Aloha is perfect from start to finish and is pretty much the first half of this discography. thanks for posting this - more people should know about them!!!

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