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Desecrators - Caught in the act / Cloned to obey Demotape(1985-1987)

This is a lesser known (?) UK Crossover band from the 80s, led by Gizz Butt of English Dogs, The Prodigy and The Destructors fame. UK82 punk with heavy metal solos and extreme speed, like GBH, Motorhead and Iron Maiden had a bastard child. This is what Desecrators sound like. And I really like the cover artwork.
 1-Ban On Impurity
 2-Cloned To Obey 
4 -Here We Are 
5-Brain Dead 
6-The Beyond Within 
7-Wedding Bells 
8-Sentenced To Life 
9-Premature Burial 
11-Rose Garden Funeral 
12-Off The Head


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