četvrtak, 14. ožujka 2013.

Brutal Knights - Feast Of Shame (2007)

This is a fast hardcore punk band from Toronto. Their oversimplified lyrics are mostly about laziness and hedonism of internet-era youth. This music has food scraps all over it, so much that it could be called Food Punk. Listening to them, I can't help imagining that they are what would Ramones be if they were born 20-something years later. Perfect soundtrack for night marathons of getting high, playing video games and eating crap food.
1. the perfect buffet
2. i do nothing 
3. bikini diet
4. government is asshole
5. so weak
6. extreme lifestyles '07
7. information overload
8. U.B.B.C.
9. grow up throw up
10. you're fired, i quit
11. vehicle party
12. spoil yourself
13. don't tour
14. we have a website


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