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The Shame - The World is Ours EP (2012)

The Shame are Oi band from Tulsa, Oklahoma but they sound like they live in some shitty english town in the early 80s. Even the football on this record is real football, as in european football, not american armor-and-egg-ball football. Musically, it's classic Oi punk with no innovations, faithfull to its roots (on "The Kings Of The Midwestern Plains" I noticed almost identical riff as in Rejects' Oi Oi Oi, but who cares anyway). If you miss old-school classic Oi this record will bring a smile to your face... but it's recommended to drink at least a pint while listening to it.

1. The World Is Ours Tonight
2. Nothing Gained
3. For Football And The Pints
4. The Kings Of The Midwestern Plains

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  2. Thank for sharing.I found good samples like in these tracks , i share with u


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